Innovation District Welcome to Boston!


The Innovation District in Boston is a unique, collaborative community that focuses on growing a variety of industries through shared work spaces and open networking opportunities. For entrepreneurs and motivated professionals who would like to be in the middle of the growth, buying a condo in the Innovation District is the perfect solution.

While the Innovation District is still being developed, many of the condos that are available for sale are individual units that can be found through the help of a real estate broker with expertise in the South Boston waterfront. There is also one building that is in the process of being built in the area.

Watermark Seaport is a 14-story living space that is designed with the objectives of the Innovation District in mind. Featuring 300 different living units in a variety of configurations, this building offers any type of condo that a new resident may need. The building is being constructed with green living in mind, and the developer hopes to achieve LEED certification once the building is complete. Greener living means a reduced impact on the environment and lower utility bills, making this goal beneficial for residents.

There is also 25,000 square feet of retail space slated to be rented out in the building. This large retail area will allow residents to easily access the shopping opportunities that they crave, and spending a day browsing the stores will be as easy as heading out the front door and taking the elevator down to the retail level.

Green roofs that feature urban gardens and trees along the sidewalk will help to achieve the goal of green living while also providing residents with an oasis in the city. An outdoor kitchen that features a fireplace is planned on one of the roof gardens to allow residents to form a strong sense of community while enjoying the outdoors and entertaining guests.

Many other condo options are available in the Seaport District in which the Innovation District in located. Standard amenities in the one- to three-bedroom condos that dot the area include open floor plans, stainless steel appliances and wood floors that give these units a luxury feel. Floor plans range from under 1,000 square feel to nearly 2,500 square feet to offer residents the space that they need to comfortably live, work and entertain in their own space.

Loft spaces offer open floor plans that are often configured as studio apartments with plenty of space that can be re-imagined and separated according to the unique tastes of the resident. These loft-style condos are ideal for use as a dual work and living spaces because residents can use as much or as little of the open space as they want to complete work projects.

Buildings in the Innovation District typically feature community rooms that encourage residents to network and socialize with other residents in the same building. As noted by the Brookings Institute, this feature has allowed the simple spark of an idea to blossom into a workable business plan that can help launch a successful company. Networking with other professionals both in the office and in a condo building close to home means that professionals are able to get their ideas out and help them hit the ground running instead of letting these sparks float away.